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Open Innovation Day with Thales 2017 à Colombier-Saugnieu - Rhone / Foxoo
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Open Innovation Day with Thales 2017 à Colombier-Saugnieu / Rhone

Evènement passé.

Le jeudi 19 octobre 2017 à Colombier-Saugnieu.

## Build smart solutions for a safer world together with Thales

Thales is a world-class technology leader serving the Aerospace, Space, Ground Transportation, Defence and Security markets. With the combined expertise of 64,000 employees, and operations in 56 countries, Thales is a key player in keeping the public safe and secure, guarding vital infrastructure and protecting the national security interests of countries around the globe. 25,000 R&D professionals endow Thales with a unique capability to design and deploy equipment, systems and services meeting the most complex security requirements. Its exceptional international footprint allows partnering and working closely with customers all over the world.

Thales has adopted a Responsible Supplier Relations Charter to support SMEs and is a signatory to the SME Pact in France to encourage best practices in sourcing and procurement. In order to strengthen its competitiveness, Thales is pursuing actively a win-win policy of partnership and open innovation with start-ups and SMEs ; these mutually beneficial relationships must seed new technologies and develop new services and business models.

Thales is looking for start-ups and SMEs :

> with already customer experience and minimum viable products or services

> offering innovative and breakthrough solutions for each step of the ‘critical decision chain’ : sensing, secure data gathering and transmitting, data processing, supporting the decision making process, acting and assessing.

_ DSP Valley (Belgium), Fondazione Distretto Green & High Tech Monza-Brianza (Italy), HighTech NL (The Netherlands), MESAP (Italy), Minalogic (France), NMI (Scotland), SCS (France), Silicon Alps (Austria), Silicon Saxony (Germany)_
Enregistrement : http://www.minalogic.com/fr/evenement/open-innovation-day-thales

NH Hotel - Lyon Saint-Exupéry

915 Rue d'Espagne, 69125 Colombier-Saugnieu
Débute à 09H00


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