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LFTBreakfast in English: September 2018 à Lyon - Rhone / Foxoo
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LFTBreakfast in English: September 2018 à Lyon / Rhone

Evènement passé.

Le mercredi 26 septembre 2018 à Lyon.

As THE Startup hub , Lyon French Tech is the only organisation in Lyon that gathers all start-up/scale-up based in Lyon Métropole , no matter what industry they belong to ( Digital (software, hardware) / HealthTech / CleanTech / FoodTech / FinTech / Manufacturing, Education, Entertainment, Security, Sport, Retail,.. ).

We are « the place be » to « make our start-up / scale-up community smarter and bigger, by fostering « networking and collaborative intelligence » in between peers.

The Goal of this format: Getting to « introduce to startuppers _only_» your new startup (and as a mirror, getting to know new peers in our community.

This could lead to:

sharing your best practices , new productivity tools you've discovered or have been using for a while, challenges ,
partnership ,
collaborations ,
business and competitive intelligence
and much more (you need to invent/create what follows...)

### How to attend our free LFTBreakfasts?

Become a member of Lyon French Tech: It is free and easy : You « only » have to register your start-up in our Database http://www.lyonfrenchtech.com/startupplace/) (therefore, we guarantee that you will exclusively be « with your peers » ' No web agency, no communication agency, no lawyers, no accountants, no bookkeepers,... ONLY STARTUP/SCALEUP during our « LFT Breakfast in English, unless « special occasions » and you will be informed ahead)

Speak English: Well, you're a startupper, so you and your company should be able to talk in English (since startups want to « scale » and « go global » very quickly) and this shouldn't be an issue for you ' right?:) (If « networking in english is a issue for you, then ask you the question if you should really consider your company as a « start-up » rather than a more traditionnal « Small or Medium Size Enterprise (SME) and/or if you shouldn't hire someone who's fluent in English, since it is THE Business language)

Speak French: As you can see, we sometimes talk in English, other times in French (because we're French :)) (and besides, this article actually includes both languages): that's a way for you to get used to switch from one language to another )

Register to Each Event: Our LFT Breakfasts, organised at Lyon French Tech (1Bis rue de la Charité, 69002 Lyon) cannot exceed 50 attendees and all participants must registered ahead (we count on you, also, to inform us if you have last minute « changes of plans » and are no longer able to attend the event: That way, you'll enable other startuppers to participate. To register, it's here https://www.facebook.com/events/435884590256275/)!

We're looking forward to seeing you at Lyon French Tech!
Enregistrement : https://www.facebook.com/events/435884590256275/

Lyon French Tech

1 bis rue de la charité 69002
Débute à 09H00

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